Here are tips and frequently asked questions to help you create something beautiful with our product customizer. Reach out via our 'Contact Us' page if you would like additional guidance.

How do I edit text?
Click or tap on a text box and navigate to the right side menu panel to edit. At this time, editing text directly on the image is unavailable, we are working to update this for an improved design experience. 

How can I adjust letter spacing?
Add spaces or use the enter key to adjust text layout.


You can also use the textbox icon (see above) to edit the width and height of your text box for automatic wrapping. This works great for large amounts of text.

Can I add large amounts of text?
Yes! When including large amounts of text, such as wedding vows, we recommend creating the design on a desktop or laptop to simplify the layout process. There are some known issues with text box layout on our mobile platform, which may prevent our users from scrolling with large text boxes. Unfortunately, this is largely dependent on the web-browser used and difficult for us to control. We are here to help should you not have access to a standard computer or need help to fine-tune your design. 

Can I curve or arc my text?
Yes! Use the 'Curved' option in the text editor panel on the right side (see icon below). This will convert your text box to a curved line. Adjust the height and width on the actual text box in the designer to get the correct curve you are looking for.  

Can I layer elements?

When placing text or elements on top of another element, we will flatten the layers to create a finished piece resembling your design. In the below photo, a user design has been flattened and text has been cut to fit together with plant leaves. Note that the plant leaves are not physically placed over the text.


Can I create stacked text? 
We can physically layer text if you place the same text on top of one another with the bottom text being bold. Only specific fonts have bolding options. If your font choice is not available in bold, please offset your text slightly, as shown with text "RYAN" below. Should we have any questions or concerns with your design a member of our team will contact you.

Offset layered text slightly so you can see both colors. Our team will send you a final mock up to ensure design is correct. 

Here is close up example of layered text. The white bottom layer is approximately 1/8" larger on all sides of the blue top layer. Resulting in an elegant stacking design.

How do I upload images?
Upload images by selecting the up-arrow icon. Choose to upload photos from your device, facebook or instagram accounts. 

Drag and place the image to the specified location on each customizer.

Use our editor program to edit your photo with filters, cropping and more. 

How do I use a Template?

Select "My Templates" to choose from predetermined layouts to help your design process. Templates include fonts and designs ready for you to plug in your information. You can still play around within the templates, but they offer quick and easy updates to design your own piece.

Can I change my stain after creating a design?
Select "Product Variations" to change size and stains. Click confirm after your selection to ensure the program switches to your selection. 

Paint colors and stains may vary slightly from the colors shown on your design. We can color match if you have specific color requirements, such as Pantone or CMYK, please contact us.

How do I 'undo' something on my design?
Undo, Redo, Reset buttons are located on the left side of the customizer in the event that a user makes a mistake or wants to revert back to the original design. 

Can I Zoom-In on an element while editing?
Users can use the Zoom buttons at left side of customizer to see finer details or spacing of elements when designing.

How do I save my designs?
Please sign-in or create an account prior to saving your design to ensure the design does not disappear when navigating away from the customizer window. You can download a PDF of your designs to save on your device as desired. 

Adding to Cart

Adding to cart typically takes a few seconds with a strong internet connection. Once your design has been added to cart the page will redirect you and show a small mockup of your design. Please wait to be redirected to your cart before you continue shopping; this will ensure your unique design has been saved to our system.

Why did my product's price change while I was designing?
Users are encouraged to modify our templated designs and make changes to the included elements at catalogue-price. Additional elements, text or colors may be added to these designs but may affect the cost of your finished piece.  The price shown in the customizer reflects any of these additional charges and is updated in real-time.