On A Personal Note

Together we've merged our talents to create a business that turn your special life moments into beautiful pieces that help you cherish those memories forever. Personalizing everyday home decor, gifts, wedding essentials, and keepsakes.

At Engrained we believe that there are endless things in life worth celebrating. Big moments and small. Just as you see the grain patterns in wood that help differentiate every piece, we want your personal memories to help display the grain patterns in your life that differentiate you and your journey.

When someone is working with a piece of wood they often look at the grains to identify certain aspects of it. It helps determine how they will work with it and in which direction they will start to craft. At Engrained, we feel that's how your memories should also be handled. With the same type of respect and with the same amount of attention.

We can't wait to work with you to help create a masterpiece that helps tell your story. For us, it's personal. 

Sending you our best,

- Bre & Katelyn